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Something More than Money

Something More than Money | The Speaking Tree | TOI  | 18th May 2012

After a foreign tour, i landed at the Delhi airport where i used a wheelchair. At the exit my companion offered some money to the boy who was manoeuvring my wheelchair. The boy refused, saying, "Don't give me money but give me your ashirwaad , blessings. I am appearing for an exami-nation; please pray that i pass it." I put my hand on his head and prayed for him.

What the boy said was not something simple. It represents a creative mindset. It is to opt for hard work instead of for easy money. It is to opt for a 'self-made man' formula, rather than trying to find favour.

When you try to live on your own, you are trying to tap your potential. Everyone is born with enormous potential, but potential can be developed only by hard work. The best policy for anyone trying to succeed in life is to try to unfold his potential rather than try to receive any advantage from elsewhere.

People generally say with envy that so-and-so was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But this is wrong. Fortunate is one who is born with an incentive spoon in his mouth. If you are born to a life of hardship, it will activate you and this will give you incentive to work. On the other hand, if you are born into a life of comfort, it will kill your motivation. Certainly, self-motivation is of far greater value than external support.

Every favour is limited in nature. It has no unlimited scope. But when you try to unfold your potential, that is like embarking upon a journey that is limitless. Favour may give you temporary relief, but hard work is the only way to achieve great success. All super achievements were born out of hard work rather than favours.

It has been rightly said: 'It is not ease but effort, not facility but difficulty that makes men.' Facility may seem good, but difficulty is better in terms of result. Opting for effort is good for both physical health and intellectual development.
Living on favours means living as a taker in society. But living as a hard worker means being a giver in society. And it is a fact that the giver is better off than the taker.

When you achieve something by dint of hard work, it gives you one precious thing, and that is confidence. Hard work is always accompanied by confidence. And confidence leads to peace of mind. Nothing is better than peace of mind.

Once a man came to the Prophet of Islam. He said: "I am a pauper. Give me some money for my livelihood." The Prophet said: "That would not be good for you." Then he gave him a formula for dignity: "The upper hand is better than the lower hand." Then the Prophet gave him a few silver coins, and said: "Go to the jungle, cut some wood, and sell it to earn your livelihood. And meet me in two months' time."

The man accepted the Prophet's words. He led his life as advised by the Prophet. Then, two months later, he came back to the Prophet and said: "I am happy with my job. Now i have decided not to ask for anything from anyone."

By hard work you can earn money, but through money you cannot achieve hard work. The best formula of life is this: Do not try to obtain favours, but rely on your own efforts.

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